"Where the Writer Meets the Road" Hardcover Book by Sam Posey

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Written by: Sam Posey
Foreward by: David Hobbs
Published: David Bull Publishing

Where the Writer Meets the Road is the long awaited sequel to the iconic Mudge Pond Express, Sam Posey’s account of his early days as a racing driver.

Only this is not a conventional autobiography—Posey’s wide ranging interests go far beyond that. Instead, this is a collection of his writing, with subjects as diverse as his racing through a fast and dangerous rainy night at Le Mans to driving his uncle Crazy Teddy’s “Wind Wagon”.

Posey has the credentials of a top racing driver, so when he writes about the explosive increase of speed in the late 1960s, or the intense competition of the 1970 Trans-Am series, his accounts are vivid and authentic. His friends include the likes of the tragic Mark Donohue and the underrated Brian Redman, and he writes about racing them—and many others—wheel to wheel. His arch-rival and close friend, David Hobbs, has written the book’s moving foreword.

Now Posey’s broadcast career has made him one of the most respected people in the sport, and Where The Writer Meets The Road also includes a fascinating insight into Sam’s Emmy-winning writing techniques.

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